1. Fictional and animation films with a duration not exceeding 20 minutes and documentaries with a duration not exceeding 45 minutes can participate in the competition.
  2. Participating films must be in PAL format.
  3. Application form can be obtained from setemakademi.com
  4. Films sent to competition, by stating director’s name and attend and screened at SETEM Academia events are considered without commercial purpose by the contestants.
  5. For the promotion of the festival, the use of up to 20 seconds piece of each work or a trailer at media (TV, radio, press, publications, internet etc.) for the promotional purposes is considered as accepted by the contestants.
  6. The judgments of the pre-selection committee and the jury are final.
  7. The deadline for the admission to the festival is 01 October 2018. Participants must send their participation application forms to info@setem.org.trby this date at the latest.
  8. Responsibility for copyright belongs to the owner of the work.
  9. Films participating in the festival will first pass the pre-selection. The selected films will be voted by the jury which is formed by the industry professionals and will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held in December.
  10. Applications for the 11th International Awards must be submitted at

www.filmfreeway.com . National applications can also be submitted at the same address.

  1. In addition, special jury prizes will be awarded in the category of the animation, documentary and short film among the participating films without passing pre-selection.